Our Story

Caffee – Introducing different kicks of caffeine within the coffee community.

Sharing a subscription box service to allow coffee enthusiasts explore new flavours. – Box 


It is so easy for people to say they are trying to build a community but how many of them have actually taken action to create that community? We are different. 

We take action from the start to the end. With our subscription boxes, we bring together a community of coffee bean products. We want different coffee roasters to see each other as motivators to keep improving on every roasted batch of coffee beans. With our social network groups, we help spread a community of coffee knowledge so that coffee is made simple and easy-to-learn for all coffee-lovers. Lastly, with our upcoming get-together sessions, we bridge the gap and get people involved to learn about specialty coffee and its value. 

Coffee can be so much more, and it starts with you and us.

Support us in our journey!